Are you a Starseed? Take this quiz and find out!

Are you a Starseed? Take this Starseed test to find out your soul’s origin

Are you a Starseed? Take this Starseed test to find out your soul’s origin

What are the Akashic Records?

The Akashic Records are an energetic imprint of our entire soul’s journey; past, present and future. 

The Akashic Records are an energetic imprint of our entire soul’s journey; past, present and future.   Imagine a vast library that stores everything we have every done including your current life and past lives, memories, emotions dreams, passions, relationships and traumas. Every being has a record, the Earth, crystals, animals and people have a record of their existence and evolution. Even historic events and past civilizations are stored in the Akashic Records.

It is described as a record of the soul’s journey because our spiritual body; our soul, continues after we pass, our earthly experience is only temporary in the wider perspective of humanity’s evolution and path. Our soul retains the memories, lessons and karma for every incarnation, but this information is blocked for the most part by our conscious mind.  By accessing the Akashic Records we can learn about our past lives, our recent past which in turn helps us understand and change our future.

As you can imagine, there is a vast amount of information that is stored in the Akashic Records. That is why it is quite common to hear of them described as a huge library, a hall of records or some type of a temple.  Because of the enormity and implications of this concept, our conscious mind needs a way to conceptualize this spiritual idea. Even when I do guided meditations to the Akashic Records for people or groups, I walk people through a journey that takes them to a place where the records are held.  Often, participant imagine a temple, a huge library or a field. This allows the mind to access the information in a way that makes sense, images will form in the mind’s eye, emotions may rise to the surface or some may hear auditory sensation.

The Akashic Records have been made available on a more accessible level at this time of mass spiritual awakening and spiritual evolution. The Akashic Records are not a new concept though, the process of storing the deeds and records of every living soul is referenced by almost every major religion including Christianity, Judaism and Hinduism.  By accessing the information in the records, you can gain access to a wide variety of topics and information. The issues we face in our current situations today, whether that’s with relationships, family or finances are the result of a cause and effect, the result of our actions or others not only in this incarnation, but also as the result of unresolved karma and actions from our past incarnations. Through understanding these dynamics, we can change and alter the course of our existence in very dramatic ways. The past always dictates the future but with understanding and shifting the chain of events, we can change and shift the course of our lives.

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Are you a Starseed, Earth Angel or a Lightworker?

Am I an Earth Angel, a Starseed or a Lightworker?

What is a Starseed, Earth Angel or a Lightworker?  You may have come across these terms while doing research on Spirituality and awakening. For a lot of people these concepts can be hard to grasp but they are terms used to describe your spiritual purpose and mission on Earth and also where your soul may have originated from. The concept of reincarnation and soul origins sounds “new age”, but these are not new concepts.  Many cultures believed that our souls incarnate through many lifetimes through the vehicle of reincarnation in order to learn lessons and evolve. People who identify with the terms Starseeds or Lightworkers  feel a strong pull to discover their purpose and often have a unique perspective that doesn’t fit into their upbringing or family of origin.   In this article we will review some basic terms and qualities surrounding these descriptions.

StarSeeds is the term used to describe people and souls that have originated in other planetary systems and dimensions.  This doesn’t mean they are an alien, it means that in addition to earth they may have incarnated in other systems and learned lessons and acquired knowledge there.  There are many different types of Starseeds but there are some common defining qualities that most Starseeds share.

Starseeds often feel that they have an urgent purpose to fulfill, but their true purpose is often shielded from them until they receive a wake up call.  Being highly sensitive and unique has posed many significant problems for them growing up, often feeling alone or misunderstood in both their families and social groups. Because they didn’t feel as though they belonged or fit in they may have an intense feeling of being an outsider or have adopted an observer role. Compounded by an intense longing to go home despite not knowing where “home” is or where they truly belong.  It is common for Starseeds to discover their true nature and purpose with a sudden wake up call or spiritual awakening,  that sometimes occurs rapidly and without warning. This sudden heightened awareness can be shocking and confusing to themselves and those around them.

Are you a Starseed?  If so you may have had the following experiences: You have experienced a sudden or spontaneous spiritual awakening or wake up call. You are highly empathic, having an onset or the development of psychic abilities. As a child you may have been described as a loner, felt misunderstood, had a unique perspective and a strong feeling of not belonging, and a desire to go home despite being uncertain where that is or what that means. You feel like an old soul.  A natural inclination to be a healer or intuitive, innovator, entrepreneur or someone with a unique perspective to share with the world. You may have bits or flashes of past lives or frequent dreams of other places or dimensions. Signs and synchronicities frequently happen to you.   

If these qualities describe you then you might be a Starseed!

An Earth Angel is a highly empathic and sensitive person who has enduring compassion and love for all beings. They usually are the people we know to be helpers, mediators, empaths, sensitives or working tirelessly in helping professions.  They have a strong sense of faith and hope that can affect others, giving other strength to keep going. They have a strong need to help others and an unyielding desire to never give up. They naturally lift people’s energy, just being around them may evoke feelings of hope and positive energy. They cannot tolerate violence on any level, finding violent movies or TV shows even too difficult to watch. They are deeply protective of their loved ones, animals and children.  Not all empaths or positive people are Earth Angels. Earth Angels have a strong inclination to serve humanity and a pull to finding their calling.  Their souls may have originated or spent time in higher frequency dimensions or spent a significant time on Earth in service to others.  They have an undying need to spread healing and light to others.

Am I an Earth Angel? If so you may have a strong reaction to the suffering of others and cannot bear to watch any violence or suffering even on TV. Are often willing to help even at their own expense because they simply cannot turn their back on others. Are highly sensitive and empathic and will take on the pain emotionally and sometimes physically of others.  Tend to have a strong affinity for Angels and inspire others to have faith in the future. Often feel that a guardian angel or spiritual presence is watching or with them at all times.  Have a hard time setting boundaries with someone who is suffering or in need.  Had a significant wake up call or spiritual experience that leads them to discover their purpose and their mission which is usually as a healer or in service to humanity. Have a difficult  time saying no someone in need, even at their own expense, physically, spiritually or emotionally and need to try to temper their need to help others with taking care of themselves. 

If this describes you then you might be an Earth Angel!

A Light worker is a person with a strong sense of purpose to help heal and help others in a spiritual or service capacity.   They have a strong sense of  compassion and willingness to help others and are dedicated to service of humanity. They are deeply spiritual people who exude love and light! They are usually drawn to healing  or helping professions or activities such as Reiki, Energy Work, meditation, yoga, the medical field, counseling and many other healing professions or practices. They have a strong sense of purpose and responsibility to help in others grow and learn. LightWorkers feel a responsibility to help raise the positive vibrations of the planet and to help heal humanity. Anyone can answer the call to become a Lightworker and can serve in many different ways. 

Am I a Lightworker? Is so then you often feel a nagging sense of having to do something purposeful and meaningful with their lives.   They are seekers always trying to discover and align with their true path and purpose. They tend to be drawn to spiritual-based practices and may be intuitives, empaths, spiritual, old souls, healers, or seekers. Lightworkers usually experience a sudden spiritual awakening or calling that significantly changes their life path and direction. They may have a period of seeing repeating signs and synchronicities that won’t stop until they start to pay attention. Anyone can be a lightworker if you answer the call.

Regardless of what terms you identify with, if you are going through a spiritual awakening or starting on a spiritual journey the process can feel confusing and overwhelming. It helps to do research and try to understand why these experiences are happening to you. Open your mind and heart and ask the universe for guidance and direction. Try not to worry too much about what to call yourself- simply by asking the questions of who you are and what is your purpose is answering the call of your soul.

Do you have an Animal Spirit Guide?

2018-06-27_10-30-07-01.jpegDo you have an Animal Spirit Guide?

An Animal Spirit Guide or a totem is an animal that you feel a deep connection with or that holds special meaning for you. They often show up in dreams or visions, signs and symbols or in physical form.

Spiritual messages and guidance can come to us in a variety of ways. Some people may see physical signs like repeating numbers, others have dreams, some have spirit guides and some of us have animal  guides.  Animal guides can appear in a number of forms, sometimes we may actually see them like a coyote crossing your path while driving, while other animal messengers can come through in dreams or visions. They also may appear in repeating symbols or images.

But what do these animal messengers mean and do you have an animal spirit guide?

Some animals we strongly identify with throughout the course of our whole lives For example,  a person who may be obsessed with wolves in their waking life, they might have statues or pictures of wolves in their home, they may have had a couple of significant dreams about wolves and even saw one in the wild, this person’s animal totem is probably the wolf and has been a significant force throughout their lifetime.Sheep!

Some animals may show up for a specific time period,  appearing to provide help or bring us a message. These would be messenger animal guides. For example I had a very vivid dream that I was lost in a desolate forest and a black crow landed on a branch so close I could reach it.  To me the crow’s appearance symbolized faith and hope and to see things from a higher perspective in this situation.   I have seen this crow appear in other random places for a short time and then it as quickly as it appeared disappeared from my life!   It served as a reminder short-term to hold out that hope and faith in my situation and to not get to caught up in mu limited perspective.

Although there is a wealth of information concerning standard symbolic meanings for animals, many times the key to understand the animals presence and message is really from our own understanding and interpretation.

What do they signify to you?  What do you think they are trying to tell you? 2018-06-15_02-48-38.jpg

Crow might signify gaining a higher perspective, prophetic insight, and also to be aware of possible deception from someone.

Dolphin might mean a person with a peaceful and harmonious nature, or a reminder to tap into a more playful side of yourself.

Wolves are highly intelligent and loyal animals.  Reminding us of our innate animal instincts and we should try connecting to our intuition.

Turtle may symbolize our need to access the higher wisdom of the earth.  Reminding us to continue on with determination on our sometimes difficult life’s journey.

What animal(s) do you identify with or hold a significant meaning for you?

Do You Owe a Karmic Debt?

wordswag_1530930439596.pngAre you paying off a Karmic Debt to someone? A Karmic Debt is an unresolved conflict or issue from a past life relationship that has surfaced in this lifetime. In other words, current problems we are facing today may have a root in a past life, the difficulty is caused by an unresolved conflicts or even a promise that hasn’t been resolved or fulfilled. Gaining knowledge of this debt can help free us from this conflict by either resolving the issues or breaking the agreement.  Helping us move past our current issues and ultimately closer to our true selves and to our highest potential.

This unresolved conflict can wreak havoc on your current life and relationships, drawing you together for many lifetimes in an effort to make peace. This person can be a lover, spouse, friend or relative that has re-entered 20180512_182327-01-01.jpegyour life to work out these unresolved conflicts.

Some signs to help you know if your involved in a Karmic Debt or relationship:

💕Do you feel overly responsible for someone and feel like you have to help them- beyond a reasonable amount. You often feel like you owe them?

Do you have a family member you just cannot get a long with to the point where it doesn’t even make sense why you’re at odds with this person?

🍃Do you feel a strong sense of loyalty to a particular person, despite how they behave, you feel so connected that it is hard to understand the reasons why you feel such a strong bond?

Do you turn down better, more satisfying relationships for this person because you feel obligated or there is such a strong sense of need that you can’t even think about leaving them?

You feel deeply that this person is a Soul-Mate, you feel as though you have known them before and feel like their is an undying bond between the two of you.

15097592542_24907baaff_zKnow that you have identified that you may be operating under a karmic debt-what can you do?

First is to identify what the conflict or debt is really about and try to take action on that. Finding out what exactly the debt is will help you determine if you truly need to continue this situation.

For example, say you have a younger brother and for your whole life you have taken on the role of caretaker, always saving him from responsibility and helping him financially, at times it seems as though it doesn’t even make sense why he turns to you for the main source of help. This may be a karmic relationship in action where you either had similar issues in a past life or maybe the roles were reversed and you actually do owe him.  What can you do in this case?

One way is through resolution of the debt. Make a honest attempt to work through the issues with the person you have the conflict with, keep in mind, you should never stay in a violent or abusive relationship.  Making an attempt to resolve the conflict and releasing the feelings associated  with the issue can help dissolve the debt.  So you can speak to the person about the current situation and try to resolve it to the best of your ability, making peace with the situation and letting go of any negative emotions associated with the relationship.  Of course focus the discussion on this life, they may not understand what you are talking about if you explain your past life history together!

Second option or in addition to, once the debt is discovered you can decide if you want to break the debt or promise.  You could verbally or in writing release or disavow yourself from the debt or promise.  So figuratively rip up the contract.   Before doing this you should really try to identify through the Akashic Records that a breakable contract exists or if it is in the interest of everyone’s highest good to break it. Maybe you truly owe someone a debt.  You could also pray or ask your guides for advice on if you should truly break the contract. If the case is you truly owe this person you might need to pay them back.

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