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Are you a Starseed? Take this quiz and find out!

What are the Akashic Records?

The Akashic Records are an energetic imprint of our entire soul’s journey; past, present and future.   Imagine a vast library that stores everything we have every done including your current life and past lives, memories, emotions dreams, passions, relationships and traumas. Every being has a record, the Earth, crystals, animals and people have a record of their existence and evolution. Even historic events and past civilizations are stored in the Akashic Records.

It is described as a record of the soul’s journey because our spiritual body; our soul, continues after we pass, our earthly experience is only temporary in the wider perspective of humanity’s evolution and path. Our soul retains the memories, lessons and karma for every incarnation, but this information is blocked for the most part by our conscious mind.  By accessing the Akashic Records we can learn about our past lives, our recent past which in turn helps us understand and change our future.

As you can imagine, there is a vast amount of information that is stored in the Akashic Records. That is why it is quite common to hear of them described as a huge library, a hall of records or some type of a temple.  Because of the enormity and implications of this concept, our conscious mind needs a way to conceptualize this spiritual idea. Even when I do guided meditations to the Akashic Records for people or groups, I walk people through a journey that takes them to a place where the records are held.  Often, participant imagine a temple, a huge library or a field. This allows the mind to access the information in a way that makes sense, images will form in the mind’s eye, emotions may rise to the surface or some may hear auditory sensation.

The Akashic Records have been made available on a more accessible level at this time of mass spiritual awakening and spiritual evolution. The Akashic Records are not a new concept though, the process of storing the deeds and records of every living soul is referenced by almost every major religion including Christianity, Judaism and Hinduism.  By accessing the information in the records, you can gain access to a wide variety of topics and information. The issues we face in our current situations today, whether that’s with relationships, family or finances are the result of a cause and effect, the result of our actions or others not only in this incarnation, but also as the result of unresolved karma and actions from our past incarnations. Through understanding these dynamics, we can change and alter the course of our existence in very dramatic ways. The past always dictates the future but with understanding and shifting the chain of events, we can change and shift the course of our lives.

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Are you a Starseed? Take this quiz to find out!

Are you a Starseed? StarSeeds are souls who have incarnated on this planet to help raise the vibration and level of conscious awareness of humanity. As complex multidimensional beings our souls or spirit may have existed and even originated from other planetary systems or dimensions. Take this quiz to find out!

StarSeeds are souls who have incarnated on this planet to help raise the vibration and level of conscious awareness of humanity.   As complex multidimensional beings our souls or spirit may have existed and even originated from other planetary systems or dimensions. StarSeeds may have incarnated on this earth plane just recently or for many lifetimes. Most Starseed’s are aware or feel that they have an urgent purpose on this planet and are highly evolved souls but their true nature is often shielded from them. Find out if you identify with the following qualities of being a StarSeed!

  • You have or are now experiencing a sudden or spontaneous Spiritual Awakening?
  • Are you highly empathic or have psychic or intuitive abilities in one or many senses?
  • An interest in other worlds or aliens, past civilizations?
  • Do you feel like an old soul?
  • A strong feeling of not belonging here, a desire to go home despite being uncertain where “home” is? 
  • A nagging feeling that there a life purpose that you need to fulfill? 
  • Do you have or have had an awareness of previous incarnations, past life memories or fragments of memories from other dimensions or places?  
  • Do you have a tendency to be a healer or intuitively feel when someone needs help or something is wrong?   
  • Do you tend to be a non-conformist, and usually identify with progressive or counter movements?
  • Do you have an innate resistance to formal religion?
  • Did you experience a difficult childhood or learn many harsh lessons?
  • Did you feel alienated or misunderstood as a child, like you didn’t always fit in?

How many qualities do you identify with? If you feel like you identify with at least half of these items chances are you are of Starseed origin.

Psychic and Intuitive Meet up!

I am really excited about this fun event! Tap into your psychic awareness, practice giving and receiving readings, and join other intuitive, like-minded people in this all levels psychic meet-up. This event is for all levels; beginners who want to work on developing their intuition and psychic awareness, intuitive readers and practitioners are all welcome to attend.

Some topics we will work on various nights are Oracle Cards, Psychometry, Psychic readings, Animal Communication, Angel Messages, Meeting your Spirit Guides, How to use a pendulum and more! Christine Zenino of Akashic Love & Light! will open the event with a discussion on how to deepen your intuitive and psychic awareness then provide time for group work, readings and networking!

No experience necessary.

Check out event below:

April 10, 2020 at WildLight Yoga

Next scheduled Meet-Up:

June 5, 2020@ WildLight Yoga

How to be a Spiritual Badass!

What is personal power? Usually when we think of personal power we usually think of control, money, dominance and popularity, but personal power is so much more important that just these external factors. Having true personal power is the ability to express your true potential, your true feelings, and create the life you want! To be fearless in your pursuit of your dreams! Many of us have lost the power to create or speak up for ourselves due to many factors that were outside of our control; our upbringing, our current relationships, educational systems, uneven relationship structures like Empath/Narcissist dynamics, but we can slowly rebuild our ability to create and exert our will as we truly want.

Take back your personal power with this one of a kind package! You will receive one 60 minute Akashic Record Reading, a follow up 20 minute reading and an astrological report examining inherent challenges or gifts regarding your personal power. This is a step in the right direction!

Message me for details!