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What are the Akashic Records?

Opening your Akashic Record starts you on an amazing journey that links your soul’s purpose and gifts through time and levels of consciousness.


“It was an amazing experience! Christine is wonderful, a very kind, loving and empathic soul. She answered my questions before I had a chance to ask most of them. I completely recommend a reading!” – Erika Medina


“I went to Christine during an overwhelming moment in my life and she put my worries to rest. Not only did she provide clarity, but she created a comfortable environment for authentic conversation. She is very generous with her time! I am super happy that I was able to have my first reading with Christine ( and it will not be my last) ” –Jayleen Perez

“Christine tapped into my Akashic Records with gentle tenderness! Her voice was soothing and her intuition is strong. It was a healing reading for me, as she tapped deeply into the karmic connection between me, my mother, and amazing Grandmother. She even reached my beloved Grandfather, down to his nickname, which previous readers haven’t been able to do! I was in awe of her ability to speak of my current and past life with clarity. I trust her gift and encourage you to book your reading, asap!”-Shakeinah Ninah Davis

The Akashic Records are an energetic imprint of our entire soul’s journey past present and future!   Imagine a vast library that stores everything we have every done including your current life,  past lives, memories, emotions, dreams, passions, relationships and traumas. Even historic events and past civilizations are stored in the records.

The Akashic Record holds the story of the soul’s journey. Our spiritual body or our soul continues after we pass, and although we don’t remember our distant past, we retain the experiences and energies for every incarnation, and they have an effect on the present.  Once we can access the records of our experiences, we can gain insight into problems we are facing in our current life, our struggles, our blocks and even our unrealized potential. The records contain the answers to why we sometimes feel stuck, how to move forward, what is our purpose in this life and so much more. The records can help us with any number of issues ranging from work and relationship issues to what is your ultimate purpose on this earth.

Aside from information on your soul’s journey,  messages we need to hear from Loved ones, Guides, Teachers and Angels,  come through as well, giving us the direction and guidance to resolves issues and then move forward in our lives.

Time does not exists in the Akashic Records-at least not the same way we define it and because of this factor the Records can show us information concerning our past lives. The main goal is not to just learn about who you were but how this past incarnation can  help us move forward in our current lifetime. Many times our past lives exert influence over not only our current problems but can also shed light on the many gifts, talents and even the potential that we hold.

Often times current problems we are facing today may have a root in a karmic debt that we may have accumulated or conflicts with others we haven’t resolved.  The records help us to acknowledge and resolve these struggles,  helping us not only move past our current issues but ultimately closer to our true selves.

Which is really one of the goals in life is to find and be our true selves and serve our higher purpose.

Another fascinating area I love to explore is that of soul groups! Are there people in your life that you have felt like you have such a deep connection to that it defies explanation? Or have you ever met someone and immediately feel in love with them or felt like you knew they were the one? It is because you probably have met them before!

I would love to work with you and help you discover the message that the universe has for you! Please visit me at an upcoming event or make an appointment with me directly!

I am available by phone, email or video chat for readings. Feel free to reach out to me if you want to make sure an Akashic Reading is a good fit for you!

Love & Light, Christine