Can you Know Your Past Lives?


Deja-Vu: The feeling that you have been here or experienced this moment before, a strong sense of familiarity.


While in some cases Déjà Vu may be caused by the neurological effect of the information hitting your brain twice, other times this feeling of familiarity can be caused by a sight, smell, sound or an act that triggers a memory or reminder of a past life.  Even though we cannot easily recall our past lives, these memories do get store in our Super-Conscious and leak out from time to time.

How can you tell if your possibly identifying or remembering a past life rather than experiencing a blip of the brain? There are certain key things to look for. First of all in the case of a brain wave hitting twice. This experience is very short lived, meaning you might feel for a fleeting minute that sense of memory or familiarity but it is out of context. Whereas if this is truly a past life memory it will typically be tied to other occurrences.  For example, stopping at Starbucks and getting a drink and feeling that weird feeling of Deja-Vu, might be more of a neurological type Deja-Vu or you actually may stop at Starbucks so often it is a reality that this happened before.  This experience lasts only a few minutes and you are on your way.

But the experience of past life recall might be more intense and/or out of context. In this case, maybe your whole life you have strongly been drawn to the Hindu belief system, although you have not ever been exposed to this religion. You have a strong sense of love for animals and are vegetarian, finally you visit India and in one specific city you feel such a sense of being there before that it lacks any sense of explanation.  This would be more of an indicator of a karmic connection.


Here are some other factors that will help determine if a memory, feeling or an association is tied to a past life rather than just experiencing a blip of the brain waves:

The feeling or memory is tied to a longer chain of identifications such as being drawn to people, places or things throughout most of your life.

Innately knowing how to do something with little or no practice.

Visiting or seeing an image of a place or an object that triggers a strong sense of familiarity or remembrance.

Feeling drawn to a specific culture or time period to the point where you strongly

Have you Been Here Before?

identify with those beliefs or ideology with little exposure to that culture in your present life.

Unexplained fears and phobias that have no basis in this lifetime.

A strong feeling that you have met someone before and form an instant attraction could indicate meeting someone from a previous incarnation.

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