Psychic and Intuitive Meet up!

I am really excited about this fun event! Tap into your psychic awareness, practice giving and receiving readings, and join other intuitive, like-minded people in this all levels psychic meet-up. This event is for all levels; beginners who want to work on developing their intuition and psychic awareness, intuitive readers and practitioners are all welcome to attend.

Some topics we will work on various nights are Oracle Cards, Psychometry, Psychic readings, Animal Communication, Angel Messages, Meeting your Spirit Guides, How to use a pendulum and more! Christine Zenino of Akashic Love & Light! will open the event with a discussion on how to deepen your intuitive and psychic awareness then provide time for group work, readings and networking!

No experience necessary.

Check out event below:

April 10, 2020 at WildLight Yoga

Next scheduled Meet-Up:

June 5, 2020@ WildLight Yoga