Astrology + Akashic Records; Soulmate Reading


$77.77 60 minutes

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Find out if your partner is your Soul Mate with this in-depth 1 hour reading using a combination of Akashic Records and a comparison of both of your natal charts. Review personality types, strengths and opportunities, past, present and future of the relationship as well as karmic connections and past lives.

Includes an emailed copy of the compatibility chart.

Please note all booking is in Central Standard Time Zone ( Chicago) If you are located out of the country and would like to do the reading over messenger or WhatsApp please email me at to make arrangements for alternate times if needed and form of contact.

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    1. Hi Alina, it looks like your appointment is in the cart section. After you pick your appointment and enter your phone and birth information, then either pay at the bottom on PayPal or click on the cart icon. If you need help email me at with the time and date you wanted and I can help you!!!
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