Manifest Your Spiritual Business Workshop June 4, 7pm-9:30pm CST



Do you have a spiritual business idea but need practical advice and guidance on how to manifest it into being? In this workshop we will help you identify and narrow down your ideas and put practical next steps into action to help you create the business and life you truly want to manifest!

This workshop is ideal for those who have a general idea or even an area they want to focus on but need help on manifesting their idea. Focus areas are spiritual businesses like energy healing, reiki, intuitive readers, oracle card readers, products, life coaching, one one one coaching, Astrology, Sound healing, Crystals, Angel Reader, Paranormal Investigation, Mediumship and meditation.

We will cover ideas and life purpose and passion, uncovering self-limiting beliefs, creating a name, website and marketing, creating a packages, getting started, running the business and much more.

Please note this event is Thursday June 4, 7pm-9:30pm CST (CHICAGO)
Your link will be emailed to you prior to the event.

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