AstroMap Reports




Astrocartography or an Astro Map report is a unique form of astrology that focuses on the interpretation of planetary energies through your birth information as they relate to specific locations on Earth. This can provide insight into your potential growth opportunities in different cities. It helps to identify areas that may be particularly beneficial or challenging for an individual based on their birth chart. This information can be used to make informed decisions about where to live, work, or travel in order to maximize personal growth and fulfillment.

Pick ONE area and up to THREE cities for your reports.

1. Love & Romance
2 Vocation & Careerr
3. Friendship & Family
4. Imagination & Inspiration
5. Excitement & Instability
6. Friendship & Family
7. Education & Communication
8. Culture & Creativity
9. Optimism & Opportunity
10. Responsibility & Focus

Reports will be sent 24-48 hours from purchase.

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