Astrology + Akashic Records; Channel Your Inner Guru!

$77.77 1 hour


Akashic Records + Astrology. Whether you are new to a spiritual path or your an expert, learn about all aspects of your spiritual power, potential and blocks in this one of a kind reading! Spiritual path isn’t just about your belief system; it includes your ability to connect with Source Consciousness, your Guides, Angels and Loved ones, to connect with your gifts, speak your inner truth and and find your purpose and passion.

In this reading we will examine your Spiritual perspectives and connections and look for blocks and barriers preventing you from being your own Spiritual Guru that you are!

Find out who are the Guides, Angels and Loved Ones helping you!

This reading contains an astrological report showing factors affecting your spiritual Style and abilities.

Dive into potential psychic or empathic gifts, Starseed origins or spiritual business potentials.

Please note all booking is in Central Standard Time Zone ( Chicago) If you are located out of the country and would like to do the reading over messenger or WhatsApp please email me at to make arrangements for alternate times if needed and form of contact.

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