Akashic Record Reading


$88.88 60 minutes


The Akashic Records hold the information for every soul’s journey; past, present and future. This reading may include any of the following topics; energy reading, messages from guides, Angels or Loved Ones, life path and purpose, current concerns and blocks, gifts and abilities, past lives and karmic debt, as well as any questions you have.
Please see the section “Akashic Record Readings” for an idea of what to expect. If you are confused about reading to take this is the one I specialize in and is highly recommended.

45 Minute-60 minutes reading by phone, Whatsapp or Facebook Messenger.

Please note all booking is in Central Standard Time Zone ( Chicago) If you are located out of the country and would like to do the reading over messenger or WhatsApp please email me at akashicloveandlight@gmail.com to make arrangements for alternate times if needed and form of contact.

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