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I am so excited for our upcoming reading! I wanted to provide some helpful information about the Records so our meeting is as effective as possible.

First of all you might be wondering what are the Akashic Records?

The Akashic Records is a storehouse of all information past, present and future for every being that has existed on this earth.  Think of it as a huge library where we can access information and ask questions about our soul’s purpose and journey.  The records can be consulted for a variety of problems ranging from relationships, career paths or problems, conflicts, to spiritual questions about karma, life path, and past lives.

To help you get the most out of our meeting please prepare a couple questions ahead of time such as:

What are my current or past problems or issues I need help with?  (work, relationships, spirituality, emotional problems etc.)

How are past influences in this lifetime affecting my current situation?

Can you provide information on my current path and its influences?

What are my special talents and abilities?

What are some gifts I was born with and why?

Does a Loved One, Guide, Angel, or Teacher have a message for me?

What is the main lesson or theme of this lifetime?

What tools can I work with or would be helpful for this specific purpose?

Can you tell me about a relevant past life  that is having an effect or influence on my current problem or situation?

What has been my soul’s journey?

What people in my current life were in my past life? Who is in my soul group and have I traveled with them before? What is my role in this group?

Can you identify any Karmic ties or lessons?


A couple of topics that have come up during readings: 

Can I contact loved ones?

Yes, this is my absolute favorite part and one of the reasons I am doing readings! I am a practicing Medium. You can ask questions or ask to talk to Loved Ones who have passed over!   The records exist on a higher dimensional level that is of pure LOVE and LIGHT,  Spirit,  or God shows us the information that is relevant to our current situation and that is needed at this time to get you to the next level.  If there is a message a Loved One needs you to hear they will send it. But of course there is no guarantee that your Loved One will send a message, sometimes another Loved One delivers the message. We get the message we need to hear now, for the higher good -our higher purpose.  I cannot control the messages that come through or if it is a Loved One, Guide, Angel or Teacher who brings the message.


Being open:

The Records or information that is received, comes through by forming a channel of communication coming from the Divine Source, through the Angels, the Ascended Masters, the Teachers, Loved Ones and our Guides… down to me the reader and you.

So that connection is what makes this work effective. Having questions in mind and being open to hearing the messages delivered is really important.

About my Gifts -Am I Psychic?

I am highly Clairsentient– Meaning much of the information I receive is in the form of emotions and feelings. I don’t just get a message that this person is sad for example- I actually experience and feel it.  So if you have had a reading with me you know what I am talking about!  I also am Clairaudient- Meaning I hear the messages and can convey them, then finally I also get visual information. So when I get information about your past lives I actually see it like a dream.  That’s why I like doing longer readings because the more visual imagery about the past lives the more information I can convey.

Predicting the future:  Be aware there are an infinite number of possibilities and outcomes to our actions because the future is always shifting! The future is a set of potential outcomes based on your choices or actions. So we can discuss future plans, options and potentials but it is unlikely we will get specific dates or time frames. So readings based solely on the future are not going to be very satisfying if that is the expectation. I have had a number of people ask about future lives and was surprised to find that they did appear! So that is a fun!

How long is a reading?

They can last anywhere from 20 minutes to 1 hour. I have noticed after about an hour or so some of the information starts to get repeated or the information flow slows down.

Medical Information:

There are laws concerning diagnosing and giving medical advice so please be aware I cannot diagnose or give medical advice.

Are you drawn to a certain crystal?

I am highly sensitive to Crystal Energy and the records magnify this ability. Do you have a favorite crystal? Bring it with and I can help you understand its properties and why you are drawn to it. So please feel free to bring it. The records usually give a crystal recommendation that is based on what you need to draw into your life rather than what you may be drawn to.

I am really excited to meet with you and can’t wait to see what messages the Records have for you.  

In Love and Light,




Akashic Record Readings/Intuitive Coaching/Tarot/Astrological Services are not a substitute for traditional Medical and/or Counseling treatments. If you have a serious health imbalance or condition please see a Doctor or other appropriate, qualified and licensed professional. These services are not to be taken as medical advice but as spiritual information. Please do not expect me to diagnose or give advice on medical conditions.

Crystal Healing and Reiki Treatment Disclaimer: Crystal Healing and Reiki are both forms of energy modalities that are not a substitute for traditional Medical treatments. If someone has a serious health imbalance or condition they should see a Doctor or other appropriate, qualified and licensed professional.

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  1. Thank you so much for letting me know aboth my path and past lives.
    It was great. I will contact you again to ask about other stuff that we did not have time to go over. But I love it. Thanks and i am thankful to my guides too that communicated with you.

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