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What is an Akashic Record Reading?

During an Akashic Records reading, the focus is on accessing the information regarding your soul’s journey. This includes information about your past lives, your current life purpose, and any challenges or opportunities that you face now and in the future. The reading can help you gain a deeper understanding of your soul’s gifts and abilities, as well as any spiritual lessons that you may need to learn. An Akashic Records reading can also provide insight into your relationships, career, home life, and other important areas of your life. It is important to approach an Akashic Records reading with an open mind and a willingness to explore some of the deeper spiritual topics that may come up such as shadow work, karmic influences, patterns of behavior and thought. The main home page of this website discusses in more detail what the Akashic Records are.

Do I have to ask Questions:

To gain the most insight from a reading think of a few major questions or areas you would like clarity on, but this is not required.

  • What are my current or past problems or issues I need help with? (work, relationships, spirituality, emotional problems etc.)
  • How are past influences in this lifetime affecting my current situation?
  • Can you provide information on my current path and its influences?
  • What are my special talents and abilities?
  • What are some gifts I was born with and why?
  • Does a Loved One, Guide, Angel, or Teacher have a message for me?
  • Can you tell me about a relevant past life that is having an effect or influence on my current problem or situation?
  • What has been my soul’s journey?
  • What people in my current life were in my past life? Who is in my soul group and have I traveled with them before? What is my role in this group?
  • Can you identify any Karmic ties or lessons?
  • What are challenges or opportunities in this life that are affecting my spiritual progress?

What is Mediumship:
A Medium has the ability to communicate with individuals who have passed on to the spirit world.  I have always had the ability to see, hear and sense the spirit world, in addition to natural abilities, I have been trained as an Evidential Medium, which means that I strive to provide evidence of the continued existence of our loved ones in spirit and bring through messages of that provide evidence, as well as comfort, healing, and guidance. While there is no guarantee that a specific loved one will come through, I believe we always receive the message we need to hear for our higher good.  If you’re primarily seeking a mediumship reading to discuss or connect with a loved one, please choose the “Mediumship & Spiritual Guidance” reading rather than the Akashic Records.

Am I Psychic?

From my earliest memories, I have been able to see and sense spirits. However, it wasn’t always easy to accept this as a gift. In fact, my childhood home was quite haunted and I had numerous unexpected encounters with spirits that left me feeling confused and frightened. I have always been drawn to using intuitive methods to gain a better understanding of my abilities or what was happening around me. I explored Tarot, Automatic Writing, Scrying and even Spirit Communication at a young age, but I struggled to control these abilities and understand what the spirits or even my intuition was trying to tell me. As I grew older, I learned how to connect with these energies and work with them effectively. I now realize how wonderful it is to connect with the spirit world and use my gift to help others connect with their loved ones. The about me tab discusses my path as a medium and psychic.

Predicting the Future:

The future is based on an infinite number of possibilities and pathways based on your choices or actions, or that of others, that we can explore. I steer away from telling people what to do or making absolute judgements about the future.

Medical Information:

There are laws concerning diagnosing and giving medical advice so please be aware I cannot diagnose or give medical advice.

What reading should I choose?

For your first reading I suggest an Akashic Records reading. This reading delves into your energy, current concerns, past lives, and karmic influences. During the reading, various topics may be explored, including shadow work, spiritual path, life path, soul family, soul origins and messages. This reading is also ideal for periodic check-ins and psychic readings, as new information will surface. Depending on your goals, some people receive this reading weekly or monthly, while others opt for it every six-twelve months. Each reading is listed in detail in my shop.

Important Note Regarding Spiritual Services

Please be aware that Akashic Record Readings, Meditation, Intuitive Coaching, Tarot, and Astrological Services do not replace professional medical or counseling treatments. If you are dealing with a severe health issue, it is best to consult with a licensed professional. The spiritual services I offer are meant to offer guidance and support, and should not be taken as medical advice or a diagnosis.

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  1. Thank you so much for letting me know aboth my path and past lives.
    It was great. I will contact you again to ask about other stuff that we did not have time to go over. But I love it. Thanks and i am thankful to my guides too that communicated with you.

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