Akashic Record $25 Intro Reading!


Hi Everyone,

I am currently offering $25.00 readings to new customers as an introduction to the Akashic Records! Are you wondering if you partner is truly your soulmate or if you have carried over some karma that is exerting  influence over this lifetime. A reading can also help answer questions concerning your life’s true path and purpose!

The Akashic Records are an energetic storehouse of all information past, present and future for every sentient being that has existed on this earth. So think of it like a huge library where we can access information about your soul’s journey and purpose. They exist in the “Akasha” or in the energy that surrounds everything.  So basically the Akashic Records are the files or record that exist on a vibrational or energetic plane, once we gain access to this level of consciousness we have access to a wide variety of information available to us.
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